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🤯 This changed everything for me

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

If you don't know, I've been a grilling machine for several years.

But I didn't start out that way.

When I began I was unsure of how the heck to grill without completely ruining my meat.

It seemed like I just couldn't get it right - things were either pink in the middle (when they weren't supposed to be) or way overdone.

Until I changed how I was thinking.

I was used to cooking recipes for a certain amount of TIME.

I had to start cooking recipes to a certain TEMPERATURE.

Once I did that, it was like the sky opened up and rained down perfectly grilled hamburgers, pork chops, and chicken thighs.

Not really, but you get what I mean.

Now, I am super confident when I grill because I know the temperature to cook meat to, and all I have to do is measure the internal temp of my food to know when it's done.

Just that small shift made a big difference.

So think about this Reader - what small shift could make a big difference in your life?

Is it with what you cook for dinner?

Or is it bigger than that?

Whatever it is, I'm sending good vibes your way for that shift to come through.

All the best,

PS - if you have the same hang up I do about TIME vs TEMP, do yourself a favor and get a meat thermometer so you can stop worrying about it. We have and love our Thermapen ONE, but it's an investment. If you need something more entry level, start with a ThermoPop for about half the price.

Hot Pan Kitchen - Gluten Free Recipes On & Off The Grill

by Taryn Solie

Taryn from & the Grill Like A Mother podcast shares family-friendly recipes that are always gluten-free and delicious. Whether you're grilling something up for a cookout or need ideas for a quick weeknight dinner, you'll only need to look in your inbox for your next meal.

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